Torre Quarto winery was built by French Dukes de la Rochefoucauld way back in 1847 had large estates in southern Italy . They produced red wine sent to France where was used for blending and bottled to be sold as French wine .  Since from 1930 Torre Quarto was one of the first winery bottling  fine wines exported all over the world.  Passing the time the winery has been renovated keeping his prestigious and ancient fashion style but with an innovative production system starting from vineyards and grapes to the bottle guarantees a high level wines quality obtained from indigenous and appreciated grapes such as Nero di Troia, Primitivo, Negroamaro and so on.   



Torre Quarto Cantine will be pleased to invite clients and wine lovers to taste Torre Quarto wines and visit                     
around his ancient and famous winery founded in 1847.  Our staff will support you during a wonderful wines, food                    
and winery tour, suggesting the best typical wines and food to taste and buy.        
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Torre Quarto winery was built by the French Dukes de la Rochefoucauld, in 1847. They had large estates in southern Italy, and the one in Cerignola was their greatest one. It covered an area of about 5000 hectares of which 3000 were vineyards.
That's why they built their winery in the area surrounding Cerignola. It was called “Quarto Ducale” (that means “duke quarter”), because the estates was a quarter of the Cerignola district. Here the Dukes de la Rochefoucauld produced red wine that they sent to France, where it was used for blending and bottled to be sold as French wine. They had a private railway line to link their winery to the nearest railway station, to send their wine to France regularty.

The wine was aged in French oak casks, over 150 of these huge casks (containing each about 290 hl) are still kept the cellars of Torre Quarto. In the 1930s the Belgian family Solvay Bautier became owner of this winery and renamed it “Torre Quarto”, after the tower which part of the building, which was one, a schnapps distillery. Torre Quarto began marketing and selling the wine in Italy and all over the world and doing so, were among the first wine producers to dissolve the belief that wines from Puglia were used for blending wine only. Passing the time the name “Torre Quarto” became synonym of quality; in fact it was receveid a lot of rewards, medals and certificates for its excellence and it is also know as one of the
most famous wines from Puglia. Nowadays the still owner of the winery, attorney Angela Tarantino, thanks to family tradition producing excellent quality wines.



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    • Diploma medaglia gran merito Torre Quarto bianco, vini Pramaggiore - 1980;
    • Medaglia d’oro per il Torre Quarto rosso - Ljublijana - 1981;
    • Diploma di merito guida cucina: i cento vini più buoni d’italia - Milano - 1983;
    • Diploma di riconoscimento: 25 anni di presenza all’enoteca italica permanente - Siena - 1986;
    • Gran menzione Vinitaly 2002 per Primitivo Tarabuso 2001;
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    • Oscar regionale Gambero Rosso Puglia 2003 per Bottaccia nero di Troia 2002;
    • Medaglia d’oro per Tarabuso 2002 - Pramaggiore 2004;
    • Gran menzione per Bottaccia 2002 - Vinitaly 2004;
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    • 4 stelle e corona per Quarto Ducale 2002, Vini Buoni d’Italia 2005;
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    • Oscar qualità-prezzo per Hirondelle 2009 e Primitivo di Manduria 2007;
    • Almanacco del Berebene 2011 - Gambero Rosso;
    • Wine Enthusiast April 2013: Torre Quarto Ducale Riserva 2007 - 99 points, Torre Quarto Tarabuso Primitivo 2010 - 88 points;
    • Wine Advocate: Antonio Galloni on Torre Quarto: “I am a big fan of the Torre Quarto wines. These delicious, forward reds deliver tons of varietal and regional character at modest prices”;
    • 2010 Torre Quarto Sangue Blu Negroamaro - 88 points; 2010 Torre Quarto Bottaccia Uva di Troia - 89 points;
    • Premio Winestars World Vinitaly 2014, Quarto Ducale DOP Rosso Cerignola 2011;
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